2014 Best of Carrollton Computer Consultant
2014 Best of Carrollton Computer Consultant

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by Uthra Srinivasan on VIP Clouds
Shane walker

i took mr.walker's class in May-June for the computers in medical office at collin college , he is a fantastic teacher , very patient and walks you through the program so easily. I loved the classes!

by David Gregory & Associates on VIP Clouds

We are doing a complete change over from one desktop to a new desktop, without Shane's help we would have been sunk, he came to our office on a Sunday to advise us what was happening with our machine, diagnosed the problem and helped us spec a replacement computer, once the new machine arrived Shane was Johny on the spot setting up transfer software and hardware between the machine's, we are now two thirds of the way thru transferring programs and data from our old machine to the replacement machine. He has been at our site as late as midnight, he is resoursfull, knowledgable and an all around good guy. Highley recommended, we are a design build construction company.

by Holly Honzell on VIP Clouds
Patient, Impressive, and Knowledgable

I have just finished my class with Shane (Computers in the Medical Field) He has been so great and patient with all of us in this class. So glad I took this class couldn't of had a better teacher . I have learned so much from him. Highly recommend Shane Walker.

by Sandra Bostelmann on VIP Clouds
Smooth Operator!

I work from home and the company I work for was using micro soft office on a server.

I'm not computer literate but Shane took the time to come to my house and set me up and patiently show me the ropes and made it a very smooth transition.

No matter how many times I asked the same or new questions he is always there to answer them and is very helpful. Thank you Shane for your wonderful service. I highly recommend Shane.

Sandy Bostelmann
SR Energy Tax Consultant

by Christine C. on VIP Clouds
My friend was right!

When she heard that my family was starting a small business, a friend of mine recommended Shane Walker to answer my IT questions and design our website--and I am SO glad that she did! He is an excellent resource: very patient with technology-challenged folks like myself, and has demonstrated an impressive expertise regarding all of the IT decisions that we've made so far, from securing domain names to selecting a robust platform for our business website. Best of all, he's not only worked with our budget but offered great, affordable suggestions for other aspects of our business communications and technology. Like my friend, I highly recommend Shane/VIP Clouds!

by MaryEllen on VIP Clouds
Very pleased

We are completely satisfied by the quality of service we have received from Shane/VIPClouds.
Shane clearly explained our options and was very transparent about costs. There were no hidden agendas.
We have found Shane to be very thorough and attentive to what our needs are. He is very forward-thinking, and helped us begin to strategize for what our future IT needs will be.
He is very personable and readily accessible to address any problems--fortunately, we haven't had any!
We HIGHLY recommend him for your IT needs.

by Thomas Blankenship on VIP Clouds
Improved Operations

Shane is my go to IT guy. We were on Microsoft office sitting on a server. Problem was we were expanding the business to multiple locations. It was cost prohibitive to have the telecommunications infrastructure and additional licensing plus when traveling logging into the server became problematic.
We looked for a solution and found Shane. His recommendation to migrate to Google was spot on.
Not only can we access our data from anywhere but the instant messaging and cloud services gives us a more robust operations. Anytime, anywhere we are accessible plus the overall annualized cost was down. I recommend Shane and his IT knowledge to anyone looking for a partner to handle their IT.

by Robert Olguin on VIP Clouds
Reliable, Flexible, Gets the Job Done Right!

Shane has been a big impact with us! He is the man with the plan. Always reliable and very flexible. I don't know how he does it but he does. Gets the job done the right away! with no hesitation might I add. Definitely would recommend him!! 🙂

Robert -- Belmont Hotel

by Tim Alonzo on VIP Clouds
From Stone-Age to The Cloud

Shane has implemented a new approach to our company which was still in the stone age world of servers. Now we have transitioned to the cloud and things are finally going in the right direction. Some of the old guard has found the transition a little frightening, but with Shane's help and reassurance we are way beyond the hump.

Tim Alonzo
Operations Manager at Isenberg Management Associates

by Susie Morrissey on VIP Clouds
Competent, Patient, Reliable

We are a small company without an IT department. We have worked with other folks who get "too busy" for us or become frustrated with us for not catching on quickly enough.

Shane is competent, patient, reliable, and so pleasant. We laughed a lot! Shane was recommended to me and I am happy to pass along my highest recommendation to you about the way Shane makes IT make sense!

Susie Morrissey - Bell Janitorial

by Idalia Z on VIP Clouds
High Quality Service!

Our company used VIP Clouds to eliminate the very unreliable window server we had for several years. This server was constantly crashing, and it was time for a change.

Working with VIP Clouds has been great, it's more of a collaboration between Mr. Walker and I. He has provided high quality service, always answers my questions and fixes the problems I've encountered.

He really does go above and beyond taking care of us.

Idalia - Isenberg Management Associates, Oak Cliff Tower

by Patrick Dougher on VIP Clouds
Dedication to Excellence

Shane Walker is by nature a Geek. Not a knock at all, remember so is Bill Gates... and like Gates, Shane knows more about the IT spectrum than anyone I know. He has probably forgotten more about computers, Networks, Servers and the Cloud than I will learn in my lifetime.

I hired Shane to help me on a couple of projects and he always comes in on time, under budget and does all that he can to keep his word on what he can deliver. In fact his dedication to excellence is why I recommend him so highly.

I hope you hire his firm to help you as fast as you can.

Patrick Dougher
TV Show Host of The Business Spotlight

by Scott McGregor on VIP Clouds
Saved Our Practice Thousands of Dollars!

Scott McGregor Just wanted to write a note of deep appreciation to VIP Clouds and Shane Walker.

We had a computer driven piece of equipment that took pictures of the human cornea. This instrument is absolutely vital to our practice. The instrument sells for $10,000-to-$20,000 depending on features, (Very expensive).

Shane was able to replace a power supply and rework the computer and our instrument works like new......and he billed us less than $1,000. saving our practice tens of thousands of dollars.

We cannot recommend VIP Clouds and Shane more highly for any computer or network needs you or your company may have.
Thank you VIP Clouds........you made our holiday!!!!

--Dr Scott McGregor

by Bob Harris on VIP Clouds
Knowledgable, Helpful, and Friendly

“All the guys at VIP Clouds were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Taking advantage of Google Apps for Business has been a big help to the functionality of BCD Electro...people stay informed with sharing docs, the mobility is great, and the stability is very good.”

-- Bob Harris, President & CEO, BCD Electro

by Winnie Harris on VIP Clouds
Very Knowledgeable and Helpful

“It has been a very good, pleasant, and smooth experience to work with VIP Clouds. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would certainly recommend VIP Clouds”

-- Winnie Harris, Executive Manager, BCD Electro